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About Us

Loughborough Community Centre (LCC) puts community cohesion at the heart of its ethos. Established in 1981 by local Loughborough Estate tenants

Loughborough Community Centre Exist for the benefit of the community around Max Roach; in particular, those that may be affected by; poverty, distress and sickness. Through the deliverance of activities for the furtherance of health, the advancement of education and the provision of play, recreation and leisure facilities in the interest of bringing the community together for their social welfare and with the objective of improving the conditions of life for local people.

  • To improve outcomes for children
  • To improve outcomes for people of disadvantage
  • To empower local people
  • To support resilience within the community
  • To support positive lifestyle
  • To promote a good sense of wellbeing
  • To provide services that will make a difference and are relevant to a disengaged community.
  • To consult and work with the local community to develop, improve and sustain community services.

We are lead by our revised values (2017) that is represented through an acronym of Loughborough Community Centre;

  • Listen – We hear the needs of our community
  • Collaborate – We work together with residents and organisations within the community
  • Create – We develop and deliver meaningful services for the benefit of the community

To be a financially sustainable community service provider in Lambeth recognised for quality and the ability to listen and respond to our community needs.

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