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To continue to benifit and strengthen our community, we depend on enthusiastic supporters to help mantain LCC at Max Roach. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to build a relationship with the community whilst having a positive impact!



Max Roach volunteers are the Superhero’s that make the Max Roach Centre a special place for local children.

Make a connection with your community by volunteering at Max Roach Centre. Whether it’s regular or one-off there’s are a wide range of activities for you to get involved in that would support and maintain Max Roach Centre!

This Includes:

  • Helping us to grow food and maintain our gardens
  • Handy tasks in and around the centre
  • Skills sharing


In the year 18/19, 112 volunteers gave us a helping hand.

Will you be our next volunteer in 2020?

If you are interested in supporting the strategic direction of the organisation, contact us to find out more on how to become a trustee and/or volunteering opportunities with Loughborough Community Centre.

E-mail: info@lccmaxroach.co.uk Call: 0207 737 2472


Thank You For Your Continued Support

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Thank You For Your Continued Support

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Special Thank You To LCC @ Max Roach Partners


We work with some amazing groups, partners and funders all dedicated to helping improve the lives of local children and families.